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4ZZZ’s 10th Birthday Party - Rialto Theatre December 1985

The Black Assassins, 4ZZZ The Movie

The historic Rialto Theatre in West End was packed for 4ZZZ's 10th Birthday Party on December 8th 1985. The Black Assassins arrived in style in a vintage Chevrolet limousine to be pelted by a few eggs from a couple of our fans that knew we’d appreciate it.

The night also featured the world premiere screening of 4ZZZ The Movie -- a mind bending feature length Super 8 film, prodcuced by Johnny La Rue, that told the story of Zed's first decade of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll and the struggle against the repressive Bjelke Petersen police state.

A great night culminated with someone letting off a fire extinguisher that cleared the theatre and took hours to clean off the seats. For all those you still wondering who did it, it was Dan Flannery.

You can check out what the atmosphere was like on the night below in this 1 minute video which captures a small slice of the crowd, 4ZZZ's live radio broadcast, and The Black Assassins performance under a very psychedlic light show.

If you want to download this clip or other videos of The Black Assassins go to our downloads page or go straight to download this clip by clicking here.