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Brisbands A site dedicated to the punks bands of Brisbane from 1977 to 1982 with pages on quite a few bands including The Black Assassins.

4ZZZ-FM Rockin' Brisbane radio station that resisted Joh Bjelke Petersen's police state and the first radio station in the world to play the Black Assassins.

Revolution Rock A site celebrating Brisbane music from 1942 to the present day where people post oral histories of Brisbane bands.

Reverberation Australia's best independent music movers who distribute a great range of independent bands including the Black Assassins.

Rocking Horse Records A great Brisbane music shop.

Skinny's Music Another great Brisbane music shop.

Inner City Sound (the CD) A 2 x CD set compiled by Clinton Walker featuring great rare songs from 48 Australia punk bands of the late '70s and earlier '80s including the Black Assassins. Released for the first time in October 2005.

NumberOneMusic A website for independent bands with a large number of punk bands from around the world including a site for The Black Assassins where you can listen to some of our songs.

MySpace Millions of bloggs including The Black Assassins' Blog where you can also listen to some of The Black Assassins'songs.

V for Vendetta A great film about resisting totalitarian police states released in 2006. We recommend you check it out. .

Democracy A free open source Internet TV platform which combines a free media player with hundreds of citizen generated pro-democracy TV channels.

Regression Site of the Australian punk fanzine Regression.

The Herd An inspirational Australian hip hop band who's songs highlight the corruption and hypocrisy of our politicinas and corporate leaders and malaise of Australian democracy and soicety..

PunkRock.org An online guide to the global Punk Rock music community.