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Fresh from the blender:
to celebrate the Taking to the Streets exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane, here are Sirhan Chapman's unplugged versions of White Lies and This State Must Pass

But wait, there is more:
Guru Josh's all-funked-up, party-down, Jihad-ready remix of Pain Barrier

Had enough audio? Get yourself some video as well:
To watch the following Black Assassins videos you'll need an up to date version of QuickTime.
If you don't have it already it can be downloaded for free by clicking:

QuickTime for Windows or QuickTime for Mac

Death Take Me Now Video
Demented performance by Ruby Oswald on a Quicktime Movie

4ZZZ 10th Birthday with The Black Assassins
Produced with fabulous in camera editing and title functions available on VHS cameras at the time, this 1 minute video shows the crowd gathered outside the Rialto Theatre in West End on Sunday Dec 8th 1985 waiting for 4ZZZ-FM's 10th Birthday Party to start . It features a sound track of live to air commentary by 4ZZZ broadcasters from the event and words of wisdom from the crowd, then cuts to inside the theatre 20 minutes later, where, The Black Assassins launch the party and introduce their song SWAPO to a very psychedelic light show.

then fast forward exactly 20 years and 2 days later to watch:
Run Ronnie Run - live video
30 seconds of The Black Assassins singing "Run Ronnie Run" at their CD Launch gig at THE REV in Brisbane on 10th Decemdber 2005.
Shot by Brad on his moibile phone.

Can we just take this opportunity to say that we have nothing to do with Ninjas.