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Party, Corinda ‘Country Club’

The Black Assassins, Outer Limits

Apart from Brisbane punks’ regular sport of trashing toilets by kicking them to bits, most Brisbane gigs of the period were relatively civilised with people getting enthusiastically into the music, and any violence was usually initiated by the police. The Black Assassins appreciated verbal abuse from some punters who told us their honest impression of our musical ability and we were more than happy to respond with our impression of them, but this crowded party at some big house in Corinda on the Brisbane River had by far the drunkest, most agro audience we’d encountered. One guy was pissing in the fold-back speaker as Outer Limits finished their set and we were setting up to play. Then another guy stole one of the microphone stands. Our attempts to get it back were met by a confrontation with 6 of his drunken street-fighting mates and we decided we were better off saving our instruments for another day and getting out of there. As we loaded our gear into our beat up Escort panel van, another larger mob of people became really angry that the Black Assassins weren’t going to play and tried to stop us leaving. We just got of there. It was a bit like zombies attacking in Night Of The Living Dead with drunken people chasing, pounding, kicking and hurling themselves at the van as we drove out the long drive way.