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White Lies

Out on the street, the people are real skint
The bosses don't care, their faces are like flint
The facsist Queensland Government
Doesn't give a stuff

No matter how poor you are
They say you've got enough
The hospitals are rundown, housing's a joke
They've sold us to Japan and freedom they choke
The ministers are the criminals
They're guilty to the skies
And worst of all is he
Who tells White lies

Women are bashed and there's nowhere to turn,
There's no money at the refuge, the minister remains firm
He tells them to run cake stalls
To fill social needs
And while he's dithering
Another woman bleeds
I saw him on television stuffing his face
At another cocktail party. Is he in the human race?
Because nothing is more disgusting
Than he who never tries
And then goes skulking to the papers
To spread White lies

Out at Boggo Road the jail's real full
You can always stay out if you've got the pull
Most people are there
Because they can't pay their fines
They got six months in hell
For their petty, minor crimes
And all the Minister can do is make up stories about a break
And ignore the overcrowding and the screws on the take
He's just waiting
Until another person dies
Before he goes crawling to the press
With more White lies