The Black Assassins "old Queenslander" party gig,1981


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Party, Old Queenslander, St Lucia, Brisbane

The Black Assassins

Tony Blake was the Activities Director at the University of Queensland and he invited us around to play under his house for his birthday. It was an afternoon gig next to a busy road but that didn’t stop the police coming three times on a noise complaints. Luckily they never turned up while we were actually playing and so they agreed that the stereo playing at the time wasn’t too loud. On the third time we were putting the gear in the car and they kind of worked out what was going on but we gave them some beers and they didn’t confiscate the gear. Ahhhh. The joys of corruption.

This party saw a rare performance of The Black Assassins without balaclavas with their faces revealed in the photos below: The Black Assassins under house party, St Lucia
The Black Assassins at the under house party St Lucia.

The Black Assassins drummer, Lee Harvey Hinkley The Black Assassins guitarist, Mohammed El Jackal
Lee Harvey Hinkley                                             Mohammed El Jackal

The Black Assassins bass player, Ruby Oswald The Black Assassins keyboard player, Sirhan Chapman
Ruby Oswald                                                         Sirhan Chapman