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4ZZZ 25th Birthday Party - South Leagues Club, Brisbane

8 December 2000

The Black Assassins, Razar, John Willsteed, Furious Turtles & others

This reunion performance of two ‘unplugged’ songs of the Black Assassins was by only 3 members of the band as the bass player missed his plane out of Darwin. It featured the half -size doll of Nicky Webster who was tried by the court of the Black Assassins for crimes against humanity for the songs she performed during the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympic Games 3 months earlier. She was found guilty and sentenced to 16 years of hard drugs and flown round the ceiling above the stage on fishing line, replicating her high wire act above the Olympic Stadium.

The Black Assassins unplugged performance at 4ZZZ-FM 25th Birthday Party, Souths Leagues Club Brisbane, December 2000
Sirhan Chapman (holding Nicky Webster), Lee Harvey Hinckley and Mohammed El Jackal of The Black Assassins play "unplugged" at 4ZZZ's 25th Birthday Party, Souths Leagues Club, Brisbane, December 2000                                                                                                                                                           photo: Matt Mawson